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Pladis hopes to shake up the cookie and cake category with the launch of a new Jaffa Cake-donut hybrid.

Called Jaffa Jonuts, its latest NPD combines the longtime brand’s sponge, orange and dark chocolate with a new donut shape.

The Jaffa Jonuts will come in individually wrapped snack packs (rsp: 60p / 43g) and multipacks of four (rsp: £ 1.99 / 4x43g).

The new launch “would further propel the popularity of the brand,” Pladis said, calling it “the biggest format innovation” for McVitie’s in the past two years.

McVitie Brand Manager Emma Stowers said she hopes the NDP is “the perfect example of how we can push the boundaries when it comes to what ‘should’. occupy a prominent place in the biscuit aisle ”.

The new launch would also attract young consumers to the brand, Pladis added.

A consumer study found the product to be “particularly appealing to those under 35,” Stowers said.

McVitie’s Jaffa Jonuts will hit Tesco cookie aisles on May 16. They will be rolled out to other major retailers and convenience stores from the end of June.

The launch will be supported by marketing spend of £ 2.1million in connection with its ongoing ‘The Year of Jaffa Cakes’ campaign.

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