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Rudi Batten has robbed a McDonald’s outlet in the South West of England. (Representative image)

A thief at a McDonald’s outlet in South West England was so hungry during his daring attempt to rob the restaurant that he pointed a gun at the manager and demanded to be served their famous nuggets of chicken. The manager of the fast food franchise, however, was unable to do so because the dish was on the lunch menu and was therefore too early for it to be offered. The thief had to settle for a double sausage McMuffin and some cash instead. A video of the incident made its way to social media platforms and caught the internet’s attention.

the video shows 22-year-old Rudi Batten entering the store with a fake gun and forcing the manager to give him access to the safe. The Warden then leads him to the safe with Batten pointing a gun to his head. He takes out a plastic bag filled with coins, a red tin box containing banknotes and cash. On the way out, Batten allegedly demanded that the manager give him chicken nuggets. Unfortunately for him, it was 7 a.m. and McDonald’s was not serving chicken nuggets at breakfast time, several media reports noted.

On Twitter, people expressed surprise and bewilderment at the news.

One comment read, “Man, the pain of being denied the nuggets is real.”

One user, Carolyn Angiollo, felt there should have been more to the incident. “We’re gonna need a #ChickenNuggetCrimes part 2!!” she wrote.

Another said: “Even a gun won’t get you lunch until 10:30.”

A Twitter user named Matt Marsden pointed out the uncanny similarities between the incident and a scene from Michael Douglas’ 1993 film “Falling Down.”

The scene in the film depicted Douglas entering a cafe around 11:30 a.m. and asking for breakfast. He is told that breakfast time is over and he “needs to order something from the lunch menu”. To which, Douglas said to the front desk clerk, “Rick, have you ever heard the expression: the customer is always right?” And then he pulls out a gun. Watch what happens next here:

Meanwhile, the McDonald’s thief was jailed for six years by a local court after being identified using CCTV cameras. He surrendered to police later that day. Batten allegedly stole over $600 from the store. He told the court during the trial that he stole to pay an old debt.

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