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Some debates have focused on whether the commission wants to attract new people to the region or simply encourage people from the region to stay.

“The concept is what I don’t like,” Del said. Tommy Wright, R-Lunenburg, at the meeting. “I’d rather we take the money we have and spend it in the imprint on the people who are already here, try to pick them up. I think that is the objective of the tobacco commission. I think what we’re getting into now is bringing in people from other parts of the state and that’s more or less giving up.

Feinman felt that the commission is giving money to companies coming from outside the region, and that the same logic could be applied to loan repayment recipients from outside the footprint. The region as a whole benefits, Feinman said.

“If we have to bring in someone from the outside, as soon as they take root and engage civically and take a job and find accommodation in the footprint, they come from the footprint”, Feinman said. “They joined us the same way the owner of the factory did.”

Senator Frank Ruff, R-Mecklenburg, was worried that people would come to work as doctors in the area and take advantage of the commission funds, and then leave after a few years to take better paying jobs in an urban area. Of the. Kathy Byron, R-Bedford, was skeptical that $ 140,000 would attract a person heavily in debt to work as a pediatrician in a rural area where the pay is lower.

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