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Jmonth, the Nasdaq continues its campaign: Amplify black voices, a multimedia retrospective showcasing works of art and photographs documenting black life. The work is displayed on the seven-story tower of the Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square and accompanied by each artist’s profile on to publicize their work.

We spoke with Micaiah Carter, a Brooklyn-based photographer who blends fine art, portraiture, and street photography with a determined vision.

“I really want my photography to be a quality platform for the representation of people of color that has never been seen before,” Carter said.

Artwork names.

Baby boy, February 2020

Burberry, November 2019

Tell us why you chose these pieces to display.

I chose these pieces because they represent different sides of me while showcasing the connectedness that is found through representation.

What do you think is the best way for allies to help amplify black voices?

The best way for allies to amplify black voices is to be a listening vessel determined to help change. Another way to be an ally is simply to invest.

Visit Micaiah’s Instagram account to see more work.