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With the sunnier days quickly approaching and fewer lockdown restrictions, garden parties and gatherings are just around the corner.

But if you can’t wait for the warmer weather, Morrisons just launched a sweet treat to make it look a lot more like summer, and customers will be surprised.

Morrisons lights up everyone’s day with the latest flavor of their famous donuts. Shoppers can now feast on Pink Lemonade donuts which are available for purchase now in the Market Street Cake Shop stores, priced at just 50p for a pack of five.

The zesty treats feature a mouthwatering blend of raspberry and lemon juice topping, giving donuts a sweet, tangy and refreshing flavor, the ultimate nostalgic treat.

Speaking of the new launch Andy Clarke, Director of In-Store Bakery at Morrisons, said, “We know our customers love nostalgic flavors, so it made sense to create a classic pink lemonade topping for our famous donuts. The new treat offers yet another reason to be excited for spring and a reason to share delicious food with friends and family.

The treat is nicknamed “the taste of summer”

To top it off, the new donuts are also ‘accidentally vegan’, so there’s something for everyone around the table to enjoy this summer – now why not love it?

The new flavor has already been spotted in stores and shared widely on Instagram, including posts from popular food bloggers @newfoodsuk and @kevsnacksreviews.

In a NewsfoodUK Facebook post, one person commented, “I had my partner on another day, he liked them and said they were very summery (make it feel like it’s summer) x ”.

Another replied: Yum! I have to try that, trip 2 Morrisons later that’s then “.

And Morrisons’ summer goodies don’t end there, either. The supermarket offers a wide range of popular food boxes to meet a wide range of occasions or for everyday life.

We love The Luxury Plowman Picnic Box for £ 30, which includes picnic essentials including cherry pies, pork pies, champagne and more.

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