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Parlor Donuts will soon reopen in downtown Evansville.

Parlor Donuts has been in Evansville for two years now. They first opened a store on 3rd Street NW in downtown Evansville. Soon after, they opened another location in Evansville on N. Green River Road. Almost a year ago, the downtown Evansville Parlor Donuts location closed with plans to move. The original plan was to open a new location in downtown Evansville at the Bitterman Building on Main Street.

A lot of people have wondered what is going on with this project. The other day I was telling my coworkers that I missed Parlor Donuts less than a block from the office. Well, yesterday Parlor Donuts gave us an update on their plans for their location in downtown Evansville.

Parlor announced that they will reopen in downtown Evansville, but not at the Bitterman Building. However, they will return to their original location in downtown Evansville.

According to their Facebook post, they plan to be open this month. We drove past the location yesterday and it looks like there is still a bit of work to be done there but they are working hard to open the location before the end of April. For my part, I cannot wait.

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If you haven’t visited Parlor yet, you’re seriously missing out on something. These aren’t your average donuts they serve, no, no, no. They serve layered “cronuts”, which look a bit like a croissant only better. These layered donuts are full of flaky, buttery and sweet goodness that is heaven in your mouth. Then you have to consider what flavor you want. They have more than 20! My favorite is the French Toast Donut.

You can take a look at their menu and see what they have to offer by clicking here!

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