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NEW YORK – Extra virgin olive oil is the stealthy star ingredient in Wildgood, a new brand of non-dairy frozen desserts developed by a Greek artisan ice cream maker. Sotiris Tsichlopoulos tapped his family’s olive groves to create a herbal treat that has a creamy texture and low in saturated fat without any hint of olive oil taste.

“I started selling dairy-based ice cream at my first store in Athens, Greece 13 years ago, but soon after that it became clear to me that people were looking for alternatives. non-dairy, ”Tsichlopoulos said. “For example, when I was creating a milk-free chocolate flavor, it sold out within an hour of my store opening. I have even had clients calling me to order more over the phone. Knowing this, I decided to create the non-dairy ice cream of the future using a healthier alternative to fat, extra virgin olive oil, as the main ingredient. Olive oil has long been a part of Greek culture and is known as one of nature’s “good fats”.

Mr. Tsichlopoulos tinkered with the formulation for eight years. One of the main challenges, he noted, was that “oil and water don’t mix”. Now, the product line is making its debut at select Northeastern retailers and will be available for purchase online from May. Wildgood is supported by Gary Hirshberg, co-founder and former CEO of Stonyfield Farm, as well as Orgain founder Andrew Abraham and celebrity chef Bobby Flay.

“Our team of investors appreciate that we are handcrafted and believe in our vision to create a healthier planet with plant-based foods that don’t sacrifice taste,” Mr. Tsichlopoulos said.

Flavors include sea salt caramel, mint chocolate chips, chocolate, chocolate hazelnuts, mango, pistachio, coffee and vanilla bean. Mr Tsichlopoulos said he has tested 300 flavors and plans to introduce more options soon.

“We envision a future where plant-based foods are the norm,” he said. “And not just laboratory-created plant-based alternatives, but foods using real ingredients made by chefs and artisans who just happen to be plant-based.”

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