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A brand new bakery which opened during the lockdown has been a resounding success, with residents of Didsbury lining the streets for croissants and loaves of bread.

La Chouquette, on Wilmslow Road, was started by 25-year-old professional bakers Mairead Deignan and Florent Verove.

The couple say they are stunned by the positive local reception they have received since it opened last December.

The artisanal bakery specializes in sourdough breads, as well as traditional French pastries like éclairs, macaroons and opera cakes.

Chocolate pie with raspberry dome

Everything is made on site with the best French ingredients.

Their bestsellers, according to Mairead, are their almond croissants, which fly off counters every time they’re restocked.

Speaking of the queues that form every weekend, rain or shine, she said: “It goes around the corner, people can wait a good half an hour.

“It’s amazing, we never thought it would be as successful as it has been in such a short time.

“The fact that people wait half an hour and be so patient, it’s amazing.”

Mairead Deignan and Florent Verove

Just months after launch, the pair have already expanded into the unit next door, building a much larger kitchen to meet demand.

Their baking team has also grown from five to twelve, and Mairead says they “couldn’t have done it without them.”

See the mouth-watering pastries at La Chouquette by clicking on the gallery below.

She said: “We really thought that the space we had would be enough, but a month later we thought ‘we can’t go on with the room we have’!”

The couple, both trained pastry chefs, officially launched the business in December last year.

They were kept busy during the lockdown with people going for coffees and cakes to walk around, one of the few activities allowed during the lockdown.

But they are hoping that the following items they have accumulated over the following months will allow patrons to flow through the doors even when the rest of the hospitality is allowed to reopen.

Mairead added: “We are very close to parks and things so hopefully people will keep coming for coffee and walking around even after the lockdown.

“We seem to have a really loyal customer base so hopefully this will continue.”


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