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MARCH, Iowa, March 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Following Halo Top’s “Keto Series” Launch in Early 2020, Frozen Dessert Maker Adds Satisfying Take-Out Option to Delicious Keto-Friendly Line: New Keto Pops! Conveniently portioned pops come in four decadent flavors, including Sea Salt Caramel, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Berry Swirl, and Chocolate Cheesecake, all dipped in a rich chocolate coating.

Much like Halo Top’s “Keto Series” pints, the new Keto Pops are made with creamy, protein-rich ultra-filtered skim milk, which provides less net carbs than regular ice cream and meets a wide range of dietary needs. . With net carbs ranging from two to three grams per pop, fans can enjoy a gourmet dessert without sacrificing their wellness goals.

“We created our Keto Series so that ice cream fans can enjoy a delicious treat while keeping their wellness goals on track, and the new Keto Pops do just that for the take-out dessert enthusiast. “, said Chelsea parker, Senior Marketing Director for Halo Top. “The new Keto Pops and Pints ​​are not just for those looking to cut down on carbohydrates or sugar, but for anyone who wants a delicious dessert.”

Halo Top Keto Pops comes in four delicious flavors:

  • Sea salt caramel: Get your sweet and savory fix in just one dessert! The classic combination of sea salt and caramel can now be enjoyed on the go with a mix of vanilla frozen dessert and sea salt caramel swirls, dipped in a chocolate flavored coating. Calories / pop: 130, Protein / pop: 3g, Net carbs / pop: 2g
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate: One of life’s best flavor combos comes together in this delicious peanut butter frozen dessert, featuring peanut butter shavings and fudge swirls dipped in a chocolate flavored coating. Calories / pop: 180, Protein / pop: 3g, Net carbs / pop: 3g
  • Berry swirl: Fruit lovers, rejoice! This soft drink is filled with light berry frozen dessert and dipped in a chocolate flavored coating, with swirls of blueberry and strawberry syrups for an additional blast of fruity sweetness. Calories / pop 130, Protein / pop: 3g, Net carbs / pop: 2g
  • Chocolate Cheesecake: This decadent dessert now comes as an iced soft drink with a creamy chocolate cheesecake flavored frozen dessert with fudge swirls, all covered in a rich chocolate flavored coating. Calories / pop: 160, Protein / pop: 3g, Net carbs / pop: 2g

In addition to the convenient new Keto Pops, Halo Top is also introducing three new flavors inspired by classic desserts in its Keto Series pint line, with net carbs between four and 10 grams per pint:

  • Trendy brownie: A rich, vanilla-flavored frozen dessert swirled with fudge and delicious brownie chunks in a delicious take on this classic dessert that’s keto-friendly. Calories / pint: 520, Protein / pint: 19g, Net carbs / pint: 10g
  • Chocolate and caramel lava cake: The chocolate frozen dessert is mixed with rich fudge and sea salt caramel for a decadent dessert experience in frozen form. Calories / pint: 570, Protein / pint: 19g, Net carbs / pint: 7g
  • Vanilla pod: This ketogenic version of a classic flavor uses ultra-filtered skim milk and earthy vanilla beans for a deliciously simple and creamy treat. Calories / pint: 410, Protein / pint: 18g, Net carbs / pint: 4g

Halo Top Keto Pops (SRP: $ 4.99/ box of four 2.65 fl. ounce. pops) and the three new Keto Series Pint Flavors (SRP: $ 4.99/ pint) are the latest in the dessert maker’s wellness dessert collection, offering something for everyone in both pint and soft drink form, including dairy, dairy-free, and keto options, as well only Fruit Pops hitting shelves earlier this month. To sample the full Keto Pops line, head to the freezer section of grocery stores nationwide or visit the “Where to Buy” tab on to locate a product near you. To learn more about Halo Top, visit or Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

About Halo Top

Halo Top® was founded in 2011 with the goal of providing premium desserts that people can feel good about eating. Named in Nielsen’s Top 25 Breakthrough Innovation Awards 2018 for the U.S. market, Halo Top turned the frozen food category upside down and influenced the growth of the industry, leading to an acquisition by Wells Enterprises in September 2019. Halo Top is available nationwide in the freezer aisle. For more information, please visit or follow Halo Top® on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

About Wells Enterprises

Wells Enterprises, Inc. is the largest private and family-owned ice cream maker in United States. Founded in 1913 by Fred H. Wells, the company is still proudly owned by the Wells family today.

Wells produces over 200 million gallons of ice cream per year and distributes products in all 50 states. Wells manufactures its iconic brand Blue Bunny®, Low Calorie Halo Top®, Iconic Bomb Pop® and Blue Ribbon Classics®.

Wells employs over 4,000 ice cream enthusiasts across the country. The company is headquartered at Iowa and operates two manufacturing plants in Le Mars, Iowa, a manufacturing plant in Dunkirk, New York, a manufacturing plant in Lakewood, New Jersey and a manufacturing plant in Henderson, Nevada. As the world’s largest ice cream maker in one place, Wells has made March the “ice cream capital of the world”.

SOURCE Wells Enterprises

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