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The most widely consumed food in the world is bread, and it has been around every family table for thousands of years. In Utah, the beginnings of bread-making came with the Ute tribe and the Latter-day Saints. These groups of people cultivated the early crops that were vital for the survival of their families and the local population. It is with these origins in mind that Farmstead was created.

The idea for Farmstead, a local European-style bakery, also known as pastry shop, came about one evening during a small gathering. People who already had experience as restaurateurs and connoisseurs of culinary crafts imagined themselves working together to do something great. Adding a bakery made a lot of sense as it brought out their passion for feeding people, enjoying great company and most of all great food! It was in this little moment of breaking bread that Farmstead was born.

Farmstead is located in southern Utah and serves all of the towns and state parks surrounding Saint George.

The cities of Hurricane, Cedar City, Santa Clara, Washington, Springdale, Pintura, and Colorado City are just a few. The bakery is in a perfect location to stop and grab a delicious bite on the way to Zion National Park, Bryce National Park, or Snow Canyon State Park.

Bakery on the farm invites you to “come and break bread” with them.

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