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Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, food waste has become a serious problem in Japan.

The French global bakery chain PAUL (operated in Japan by Shikishima Baking Co Ltd) announced on February 25 a collaboration campaign with two companies interested in reducing food waste: HenoHeno, which provides frozen fruit, and TABETE, a service food sharing system allowing customers to “rescue” surplus or unpurchased items from stores and vendors.

The three companies have teamed up to develop more than 10 original items that will help you reduce food waste just by buying them.

The first item in the range is the “Setouchi Lemon Tart” made from Setouchi lemons.

Photo: Shikishima Baking Co., Ltd.

These delicious pies use so-called “imperfect” fruits, which are grown in the same way and taste the same as other fruits, but are not sold because they do not meet size standards or have small imperfections.

The Setouchi Lemon Tart is baked with honey soaked lemons, custard and almond cream for an authentic French taste.

Just by eating delicious fruit baked goods that would otherwise have “nowhere to go” you can help reduce food waste, which is a great initiative.

These special imperfect fruit baked goods will be available in Japanese PAUL stores across the country and will change monthly.

Later this month, the star fruit will be Amanatsu 甘 夏, a popular hybrid citrus fruit grown in Japan with a sweet and refreshing taste.

Here is the program for this year:

Spring: Amanatsu citrus, strawberry, cherry

Summer: pineapple, mango, peach

Fall: grape (cultivar not specified), Delaware grape, apple

Winter: pear, lemon

The products are subject to change depending on the harvesting conditions of the fruits.

At the time of writing, these pies are sold in most PAUL stores, but they will only be available while supplies last. If you’re interested, visit your local PAUL bakery.

Name: 瀬 戸 内 レ モ ン パ イ Setouchi lemon pie

Price: 380 yen (tax included)

Availability: 26 stores from Sapporo to Fukuoka (some exceptions may apply)

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