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A Louisville dessert store that opened less than a year ago is already expanding to a second location.

Philly’s Best Frozen Desserts, 3912 Bardstown Road, will be opening a new storefront in St. Matthews on March 21, serving their homemade product: Italian popsicle ice cream.

Rodney Daisey, who owns the shop with his wife, Tonya, brought the frozen treat from Philadelphia when they moved to Kentucky. While popular in the northeastern states, it’s not as common in Derby City.

A cold scoop of blue raspberry is offered to a customer of Philly's Best Frozen Desserts at 3912 Bardstown Road in Louisville, Ky. June 14, 2020.

“When we first came here what we noticed was that people are familiar with crushed ice,” Daisey said. “So what we did to connect the bridge, if you will, is describe it as a smoother, creamier version of crushed ice.”

The couple had planned to open multiple locations from the start, when the business was operating out of the Chef Space kitchen incubator. They became a mobile food truck, which they still use, and eventually opened the brick and mortar store in Bardstown.

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“We started with Bardstown Road because it was a smaller place, something we could test in concept just to make sure we were welcomed and accepted in the community,” Daisey said.

The success of the first store meant it was time to look for a second location with more space for production and storage of supplies, leading the Daiseys to St. Matthews. With construction completed at 307 Wallace Ave., the business is just waiting for the spring to officially open.

While expanding their business twice during the pandemic proved to be a challenge, the Daisys found that residents of Louisville were willing to try something new and support local businesses like theirs. Although it closed in January and February due to slow traffic in cold weather, the Bardstown store is already operational for the season.

Like the first store, the St. Matthews location will offer take-out only, with some seating available outside.

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