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A meal is often incomplete without dessert. There are different types of desserts that can be made at home. However, there are also certain types of frozen desserts that are quite appetizing. Take a look at some of the popular frozen desserts.

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Types of frozen desserts

Ice cream

Ice cream is often made from dairy products and is combined with fruit and other sweet ingredients. Ice cream is one of the famous and frozen desserts of all time.

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The marquise is made of chocolate, butter, cocoa powder, creams and eggs. There are also different flavors that go with this frozen dessert. It comes in the form of a cake and there are many ways to make the marquise.

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Kulfi is one of India’s most famous frozen desserts. The dessert comes with a variety of flavors like mango, cardamom, saffron, pista, chocolate and many more. Kulfi is also known as the traditional Indian ice cream. It is one of the mouthwatering frozen desserts that will complement your meal perfectly.

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Frozen yogurt

As the same suggests, the dessert is made using yogurt, although it is also made with other dairy products. This dessert is available in many variations like blueberry, dark chocolate, cinnamon, mango and caramel, among others.

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