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Ice cream is glorious, but not all of us want the traditional dairy treat. In the spirit of counter-programming, and because it’s likely going to be very hot this weekend (and well into the future), we’ve found a few sweet and cold alternatives to ice cream. They’re perfect for a long, hot summer of SoCal pools and drool-worthy social media photos.

Chichi Dango brings Hawaiian-style shaved ice to Smorgasburg LA every Sunday, which is topped with various toppings, including mochi. (Annie Lesser for LAist)


Remember those Snoopy childhood snow cone makers? This is the adult version. Served in a large bowl or in a giant stack on a plate, the Hawaiian embodiment of this dessert is a mound of crushed ice sprinkled with flavored syrups and sprinkled with toppings such as condensed milk and dried plums. Chi-Chi Dango, also located in Smorgasburg LA, makes homemade syrups in flavor combinations like passion fruit / strawberry and coconut / pineapple. They don’t use any artificial ingredients and garnish them with mashed fruit, handmade mochi, and tapioca balls.
Smorgasburg LA: 787 S. Alameda St., Downtown LA


Blockheads Shavery makes delicious green tea flavored Taiwanese shaved ice, which they call “Snow Cream,” and they garnish it with red beans and rice cakes. (Annie Lesser for LAist)


Known as floutTaiwanese shaved ice is made by taking a large block of ice, usually flavored, and shaving it into thin ribbons. It’s a lighter, less sticky alternative to Hawaiian crushed ice. Baob is often topped with condensed milk, kidney beans, rice cakes, tapioca pearls and squares of jelly. skulls Shaving, with a location in West LA (that of the closed Alhambra), markets its version under the name “Snow Cream”. The most popular flavor is green tea ice cream, but we are also big fans of black sesame.
11311 Mississippi Ave., West LA


The Goods Mart in Silver Lake serves organic slushies made without artificial flavors or colors. (Annie Lesser for LAist)


Nothing in the “wild” fits into a “Wild Cherry” Slurpee, which 7-Eleven was giving away for free on (when else?) July 11th. It’s fun to see the tongues turn bright red, but it reminds us of how many chemicals go into the substance. Enter The merchandise store, an organic bodega in Silver Lake that has partnered with Kelvin’s Slush Co. to make a line of slushies you won’t feel guilty about drinking. They are served in recyclable cups with paper straws or you can purchase a reusable metal straw. We recommend the pale pink “berry and peach” flavor currently on tap.
3140 Sunset Boulevard, Silver Lake


Flor Michoacana in Panorama City is a family paleteria that offers a wide variety of flavors. They freeze chunks of coconut in their coconut popsicle. (Annie Lesser for LAist)


These old-fashioned Mexican popsicles are a childhood staple for many Angelenos, whether they’re from a store or a paletero in the park. Flor Michoacana is a family-owned paleteria in Panorama City, where they offer queso and avocado paletas alongside more common varieties like coconut made from chunks of coconut frozen inside.
8111, boulevard Van Nuys, Panorama City


We are big fans of by Mateo, which started with a location near Culver City and expanded to four outposts. Their popsicles come in fantastic flavors such as tamarind, jamaica, chili mango and watermelon, to name a few. Not enough for you? They will dip them in chocolate and sprinkle them with toppings. Mateo’s also makes unique ice creams like mamey, nuez (walnut) and leche quemada (burnt milk) in addition to staples – chocolate, coconut, strawberry.
4929, boulevard Sepulveda, Culver city
4234 W. Pico Blvd., Downtown
11551 Santa Monica Blvd., West LA
1250 S. Vermont Ave., Pico Union


One of Amazebowls’ iconic creations, which serves acai bowls in coconut shells in Smorgasburg LA every Sunday. (Annie Lesser for LAist)

Originally from Brazil, acai bowls became popular in Hawaii years ago before they jumped to the mainland. Acai is a small South American stone fruit about the size of a grape and colored like a blueberry. The fruit is frozen and mashed then usually topped with fresh fruit, granola, coconut shavings, and nut butter. Amazebowls makes gorgeous, Instagram-ready acai concoctions served in a coconut shell. They’re also incredibly tasty, especially on a hot summer day.
300 S. Santa Fe St., P. Unit, Downtown LA
785 Bay St., Downtown LA
United University Church Parking Lot: Jefferson and Hoover intersection
55 S. Madison Ave, Pasadena
Studio City Farmer’s Market: 2052 Ventura Place, Studio City


This granita bowl, from Tropicane in Westminster, is made with mixed frozen fruit and topped with fresh, dehydrated fruit. (Annie Lesser for LAist)

If sherbet and crushed ice had a baby, it would be granita. This Italian dessert is made by mashing blocks of frozen, recently opened fruit Tropican in Westminster offers granita bowls with a seasonal fruit rotation and has unique options like blood orange and jackfruit. They garnish their bowls with dehydrated and fresh fruit, ginger and mint. Tropicane also offers a wide selection of cane sugar juices that you can sip from their colorful deck or order from their drive.
10051 McFadden Avenue, Westminster


Uncle Pops recently opened a store to serve their frozen popcorn, which until now was only available for catering. (Annie Lesser for LAist)

uncle pop has been selling gourmet popcorn since 2013 and recently embarked on the business of freezing it in nitrogen. The result is so cold it smokes when you blow on it, making it a perfect Boomerang for your next Instastory. So far, they’ve only offered it at night markets and dining events, but they just opened their first store smoothly, in the same building where they make their popcorn. Founder Jason Shah sees this as a starting point. Uncle Pops will host its grand opening the week of July 30, handing out free samples of nitro-pop and bags of kettle corn.
1616 1/2 W. 134th St., Gardena


Balboa Bakery and Deli and Donuts Cheesecake on Stick is a great dessert to eat while strolling along the pier in the Balboa Village area of ​​Newport Beach. (Annie Lesser for LAist)

For those of us looking for a dessert without a duck, how about a slice of cheesecake that has been pushed onto a stick, frozen, dipped in a hard chocolate shell, and covered in rainbow sprinkles? sky. It’s a great choice for eating and walking, especially in Newport Beach’s Balboa Village. A few sellers sell it. The best known is Balboa and Deli and Donuts Bakery.
706 E. Bay Ave., Newport Beach


Frozen bananas at the newly opened Tropicane in Westminster are served with a coconut cream sauce. (Annie Lesser for LAist)

If you can’t make it to Bluth’s (mostly) fictional banana stand from “Arrested Development,” three places on this list have frozen bananas dipped in chocolate. Flor Michoacana bananas have a thick, hard chocolate exterior and are served plain or with peanuts. Balboa Bakery soak and garnish their bananas the same way they make their frozen cheesecake. Tropican offers the most unique version of the cold dessert. They use a thin layer of chocolate and sprinkle it lightly with coconut and almond shavings, then serve it with a coconut cream dip.


The Mango Turmeric Gel from the Pressed Juicery store in Hollywood is topped with nuts and chili powder. (Annie Lesser for LAist)

Frozen yogurt and Dole Whips are two of our favorite options for soft drinks. Add Hurry Juice Soft herbal serve, Freeze, to these ranks. Made entirely from fruits and nuts, it contains no preservatives and is naturally sweetened with fruits, nuts, dates and chia seeds, which means it has about half the calories of others. soft treats. Toppings include almond butter, fresh fruit, and Himalayan sea salt. They pair well with flavors like chocolate made from dates and cocoa or mango turmeric made from apple juice.
Squeezed juice locations with freezing
Venice: 1653A, boulevard Abbot Kinney, Venice
Glendale: Americana at the mark, 132 Caruso Avenue, Glendale
Brentwood: 13050, boulevard San Vicente, # 120, Brentwood
City of the century: 10250 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 1315, Century City
Torrance: Del Amo Fashion Center, 21540 Hawthorne Boulevard, Suite 428B, Torrance
Hollywood: 6201 Hollywood Boulevard, # 128, Hollywood
Calabasas: L’Avanti, 23500 Sorrento Park, Calabasas
Middle of the city: the grove, 189 The Grove Drive, K4, Mid City West
El Segundo: La Pointe, 850, boulevard S. Sepulveda, El Segundo
Tustin: 2348, avenue du Parc, Tustin

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