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Indore: The Ice Cream Makers Association of India (IICMA) said on Saturday that frozen dessert products, which comply with the standards set by the FSSAI, are safe to consume by children and adults.
The IICMA statement followed a TOI report that Indore’s food department had launched a campaign in town against frozen desserts sold as ice cream.
IICMA President Rajesh Gandhi said it was a regulatory requirement to specifically mention whether the product in question was “frozen dessert” or “ice cream” on the packaging to allow consumers to make an “informed choice”.
“It is mandatory to declare the percentage of dairy fat / edible vegetable oil / fat and vegetable protein on frozen desserts,” he said. “Therefore, it is incorrect to state that frozen desserts are sold as ice cream when the information has been clearly made available to consumers.”
Gandhi said: “We would like to point out that frozen desserts contain ingredients similar to those of ice cream, differing mainly in their source of fat. This difference does not change the product experience, palatability and safety of frozen desserts.
During the ride, the food service discovered five cases of poor branding and substandard products in the city in the past 10 days. “In one case, the manufacturer was using vegetable oil in a product called ice cream,” said Manish Swami, food manager.
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