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Frozen desserts wink

Frozen desserts wink may look like ice cream, but it isn’t. Wink frozen dessert is dairy free and made with organic pea and agave protein. The founder of Wink Frozen Desserts, Gabe Wolff from Stamford, Connecticut, was diagnosed with Celiac disease and a dairy allergy as a teenager – but Gabe loved ice cream, so he created a healthier alternative to ice cream that is only 100 calories per pint and is sugar-free. Wolff and his wife Ani blinova started the frozen food business on Shark aquarium in November 2015. They entered the reservoir looking for an investment of $ 300,000 in exchange for 15 percent equity but, alas, they didn’t get a deal.

[Or you can try to make your own frozen desserts]

Frozen desserts wink are available in 11 different flavors: cake batter, chocolate mint, cinnamon bun, iced latte, vanilla bean, coca paste, peanut butter and jelly, black cherry, cocoa burst, apple and caramel candy strawberry cheesecake – and each pint is sold for $ 8.

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After Shark aquariumWolff said the company is working on a product line expansion of other healthy and allergen-free products, and aspires to expand the product line outside of the United States, particularly into Canada. (Wolff and Blinova are graduates of prestigious McGill University.) In 2019, Wink Frozen Desserts will celebrate its seventh year of operation.

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