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When the heat heats up, turn to these spots for delicious frozen treats.

Now is the perfect time of year to start indulging yourself with a frozen dessert, or two. Ice cream, to ice, to ice poles, there are some wonderful things launched by talented companies across Perth.

And we have the guide to keep you cool this summer.

Gelato Chicho

Chicho Gelato is a new wave gelataria offering a dynamic range of ice creams and sorbets, with up to 20 different flavors rotating at any time.

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Everything sold is churned daily, all homemade with fresh ingredients – and with an emphasis on seasonality. If you haven’t visited the Northbridge store, it’s a wonderful sight with terrazzo tables, a free flow chocolate tap and limited edition desserts in store too.

Flavors here include Thai milk shortbread, blood orange sorbet, rosewater stracciatella, and Mexican chili chocolate.

Kuld Creamery

They started out as a little back alley shop in Mount Lawley, but now Kuld Creamery have expanded to a brick and mortar offering also in Fremantle.

There are six flavors offered each week, rotating to give you even more excuses to turn up each week for another fix. Stellar scoops include Carrot Cake, Vegan Lavender with Banana Cream, London Fog and Burnt Mallow. With a crispy stacking cone, we recommend doubling up so you can indulge in two different flavors at once.

Creamery Whisk

Craft family business Creamery Whisk started with a single store in Subiaco before adding a second in Northbridge to appeal to the masses.

Gelato here everything comes as sweet to serve, enjoyed in a cup or cone, or sprinkle it with pixie dust to make it even more special in the form of Mermaid or unicorn ice, or even served in a crepe like incumbent inspired by Japanese desserts.

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The flavors offered generally tend to be more traditional, such as salted caramel, Italian hazelnut, Belgian chocolate, etc., as well as other more unique ones such as ube and coconut (it’s bright purple!).

delicious ice cream

Gourmet popsicles are so retro they’re modern – and they tick all the boxes when it comes to a sweet treat.

Delish Ice brings a vintage vibe to what they do, serving up their pops at markets, weddings, parties and festivals – and they can be hired for your next gig.

Keep an eye out for their gorgeous pop trailers or carts, or you can also shop online through their website picking and mixing your favorite flavors. basil and Elderflower, ginger beer, mint and lime or raspberry lemonade, there is something for everyone.

Roho Bure

When you hear the words vegan ice cream, you might wonder what to expect: but if you dine at Roho BureYou will enjoy.

Located in South Fremantle, their small batch the ice cream is made from scratch using a handful of carefully selected natural and organic ingredients. The Roho team wants you to feel as good as their products taste.

The menu features five permanent flavors and a weekly special on their rotating indoor and outdoor menu. Base flavors include Maple Salted Peanuts, Coconut Cardamom & Strawberry Jam, Coconut Vanilla, Chicory Chocolate, and Coconut Toffee.

It is without guilt: which is the best way to dessert in our opinion.

Pietro Gelateria

East Victoria Park Pietro Gelateria is pumping up some pretty awesome ice cream – bringing quality to the bustling Albany Highway strip.

Their list of flavors tends to change regularly, but you can usually find consistent presences, like mint stracciatella, yogurt and berries, orange and fennel, or ricotta, orange and dark chocolate. . But they also push the envelope with concoctions like watermelon, ginger, and hibiscus. sorbetpeach, mascarpone and almond ice cream or maple bacon ice cream.

Gelato taste

Gelato taste makes artisanal ice cream in small batches using traditional artisan production techniques, using fine ingredients to make everything they sell from scratch.

When you go to the store, the ice cream is stacked in freezer bins and loaded with sauces, fruit and popsicles to enhance each scoop.

They develop their flavors with an ironic approach and a nod to the nostalgic profiles we all know, such as wagon wheels, banoffee and even French fries.

Stampede Gelato

Handcrafted from local ingredients from the South West of Western Australia, Stampede Gelato do not use hydrogenated or refined fats or harmful emulsifying agents.

They also take a lighter approach to sugar, so what they produce is a naturally delicious product that really showcases the ingredients used.

You can find these guys at The Mantle in Fremantle, where you can get your hands on white chocolate raspberry lemonade sorbets, buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup ice cream, Oreo Mountain Dew ice cream or even Vegemite white chocolate ice cream.

Yes, the flavor combinations are kind of weird, but they work so well that you’ll get addicted to them.

Take 5 Ice Parlor

Baldivis Square might be a little out of the way if you’re not a local, but well worth a visit so you can try Take 5 Ice Parlor.

These guys create and scoop up some awesome ice cream flavors – which you can also try if you visit Mount Lawley’s Getting Chunky and get an ice cream cookie sandwich.

The store’s flavors include unique creations like Blueberry Cheesecake, Watermelon, and Strawberry (dairy free), Tim Tam, or peanut butter and banana.

The palette

Handmade popsicles and ice creams by The palette are the perfect dessert to take your party or event to the next level.

Their creamy offerings use fresh WA dairy to make salted caramel, raspberry cream cheese, mango and salted coconut, and more. Or There are frozen versions, such as cucumber and lime, raspberry lemonade or watermelon.

All products are gluten free and non-dairy are also vegan, making them even more friendly for a wide range of people. Order them online and keep your freezer stocked with treats to enjoy anytime.

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