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Wafflesaurus Rex is ready to chew that sweet tooth. This new king of frozen desserts is going to be more Instagram worthy than Thai rolled ice cream.

Frozen desserts are popular with all ages. From crazy milkshakes to food trends, these sweet and frozen treats top the list. While taste is always important, the Instagram-worthy factor often impacts the quest for the next big food trend. Picture-perfect food can make that ice cream even more delicious (and your friends a little envious).

The Wafflesaurus Rex takes Japanese taiyaki to a new Jurassic level. Japanese taiyaki serves soft serve ice cream in a fish-shaped waffle cone. Last year IAAPA, the taiyaki was a huge success. The intricacy of the waffle cone is visually impressive. The only downside is that the process takes time to make the cone.

Sweetosaurus toss this Wafflesaurus Rex with other dinosaur-themed treats. The two new flavors will surely be queuing up to try them. The new flavors are Chocolate Wafflesaurus and Churrosaurus. Personally, the Churrosaurus sounds like an absolute dream. Who can resist a churro waffle with ducle de leche ice cream? My mouth is already watering.

The Churrosaurus, Original and Chocolate Wafflesaurus (PRNewsfoto/Sweetosaur)

While these desserts seem pleasantly satisfying, frozen desserts are fun. The dinosaur theme is carried throughout the dessert. Eating the dessert becomes both a treat and an entertainment.

This type of frozen treat shows that food is fun. Of course, there are days when people are healthy, eating only vegetables, or counting every calorie. Other times the food is meant to make you smile or just make you happy. Can’t remember when a treat made you happy?

Are you ready to try this king of desserts? If you’ve been to Sweetosaur and tried the Wafflesaurus Rex, FoodSided wants to see your photos. Tag us with #FoodSided and make us envy your frozen desserts.