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The package is available from 2018 in the Greater Middle East, Europe and Asia and is currently tracked by the Want Want food company in China.

Small cardboard pockets

The way the packaging works is that milk and juice drinks can be produced and distributed in small cardboard bags at room temperature and made into frozen products in stores or at the consumer’s home.

We announced these new products to our distributors in early Septembersaid Wang Jin Ping, general manager of Ice Product business unit, Want Want Group.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive as these products meet the needs of parents and children..

Parents can be reassured about the nutritional values ​​of the product because it is their trusted Want Want flavored milk without any preservatives, while children will be delighted to enjoy these frozen treats because they are fun and tasty.. ”

According to Euromonitor’s 2017 Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts Western Europe report, Western Europe is the world’s largest ice cream and frozen desserts market, with sales of over $ 20 billion.

Ice cream to take away

He says Turkey, Spain and France are the markets to watch, and frozen yogurt and ice cream to go are the categories to watch.

“Frozen yogurt is emerging as a healthy and tasty alternative, not only to ice cream, but also to traditional snacks such as confectionery and yogurt,” he said.

Tetra Fino Aseptic 100 Ultra MiM packaging can be produced on the A1 Tetra Pak filler platform.

With a pre-applied opening using micro-injection molding technology, the package can be opened by pulling the tab, making it easy for children and others to enjoy the frozen product.