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I scream, you scream, we all scream for complicated frozen desserts.

Ice cream has long been one of America’s favorite summer treats, but this year the boring old sherbet is so outdated. Instead, new styles of ice cream are mixed with other desserts, brightly colored, presented in elaborate bowls and fused by Chinese (egg waffle), Thai (rolled) and Spanish (churros) cuisine.

So, what style of ice cream is the hottest right now? To find out, we tasted six of the hottest ice cream dishes in Los Angeles and New York, and came up with a super scientific ranking.

1. The Fancy Ice Cream Sandwich

This ice cream sandwich, made with Spanish latte ice cream and churro, is from Churro Burrough.

Specific type: District of Churro in Los Angeles

Cost: $4.95 for a sandwich

Wafers are boring. Nowadays, we can sandwich ice cream between cookies, macaroons and our favourite: churros! Why didn’t we start using these light, fried Spanish treats to keep our treats cold sooner? Probably because we had no idea how well the cinnamon-pasty taste on the outside complements the sweet ice cream (especially the Spanish latte flavor) on the inside. Of all the treats we tried, this was the one that reminded us the most, because the first bite of a churro ice cream sandwich tastes like perfection. And ddd, now we’re drooling.

2. Rolled ice cream

Get Avo-control at 10Below Ice Cream in New York's Chinatown.

Specific type: 10Below Ice Cream At New York

Cost: $7.60 for a cup

Eating is only half the experience at 10Below, where you can watch behind glass the liquid ice cream and mixtures being beaten, flattened and rolled into thin, fluffy rolls on a chilled metal plate. The eight rotating flavor combinations include S’mores Galore, Cookie Monster and Get Avo-control, an unusual (but still refreshing) option made with dairy, fresh avocado and Himalayan salt, and topped with strawberries and blueberries recommended. Whichever you choose, these Thai-inspired creations are summer must-haves.

3. High Protein Ice Cream

This pint of Halo Top cookies and ice cream is only 320 total calories.

Specific type: Halo Top Creamery found in grocery stores

Cost: $5.99 per pint

Yes, the spandex-clad girl in front of you at Whole Foods was obsessed with ice cream. But it’s not just the health freaks who should indulge in the dessert which has just 300 calories per pint and contains 24g of protein. Turns out, Halo Top is tasty and relatively good for you, with ingredients like plant fiber and the calorie-free sweetener, stevia. Flavors like Vanilla Bean and Cookies & Cream are addictive and melt-in-your-mouth, but aren’t quite as perfect as the ice cream we rank above.

4. Egg waffle ice cream

An egg waffle cone at Eggloo in New York's Chinatown.

Specific type: Eggloo At New York

Cost: $9 for a waffle cone

Why settle for a crispy, stale cone when you can get your ice cream in a real waffle? This hearty Hong Kong-style treat (known as gay daan tsai) is the main attraction at this Chinatown outpost, which offers a simple menu of just three flavors (vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry) and a dozen toppings. The puffy, crispy waffle is made while you wait and does not disappoint. But even with generous Oreo crumbles and chocolate sauce, the flavorless ice cream is no different from what you’ll find at your local bodega. And despite its Instagram-worthy presentation, the messy dessert is hard to eat, with a spoon or otherwise.

5. Liquid Nitrogen Ice

Here's a cup of Cookies and Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream from Creams & Dreams.

Specific type: Creams & Dreams in Santa Monica, California

Cost: $7.45 for a medium cup

Watching waiters use liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze milk, oranges, and honey (for the Orange Honey flavor) and turn them into ice cream is cool, no doubt. And the ice cream itself is fresh and appetizing. But it’s also a little too rich and expensive to make our top 4. Plus, Creams & Dreams all-natural ice cream melts easily, which probably has something to do with the chain not no added emulsifiers and stabilizers which would help keep the consistency together.

6.Soft black

These flavors of Little Damage are Black Rose, Left and Unicorn Tears.

Specific type:little damage in Los Angeles

Cost: $7 for a cone

Your Instagram photo of black soft cream might get dozens of likes, but will you love eating the cone? Questionable. Little Damage Ice Cream comes in beautiful bright colors and black cones with “activated charcoal”, which has potential health benefits like curing a hangover. Unfortunately, the dessert won’t activate your taste buds. The flavors called Black Roses and Unicorn Tears are disappointing, only slightly tasting roses (which is weird) and cotton candy.