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As the local Asian restaurant scene continues to grow, our Asian dessert options are becoming more plentiful. Searching the city for the best frozen candy in the Far East, I found what I was looking for in two neighborhoods: Chinatown on Spring Mountain Road, of course, and Rainbow Boulevard south of 215, which becomes quickly a “Little Chinatown”. with exciting Asian restaurants open all the time. Here are four unique and delicious treats from these neighborhoods, perfect for cooling you down on the last days of summer.

  • Black Sesame Sensation at SnowFlake Shavery

    When a restaurant opens in Raku Mall, it is expected to have a certain level of excellence. SnowFlake Shavery does the trick. It’s mind-blowing how SnowFlake gets such deep flavor into the wonderfully light ribbons of flavored ice cream. The Black Sesame Sensation is both sweet and full of umami flavor, and a mocha-like filling adds texture. I recommend adding strawberry condensed milk to the mix. ($5) 5020 Spring Mountain Road #3, 702-220-7050.

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    Ice Kacang with ice cream at Island Malaysian Cuisine

    Popular in Malaysia and Singapore, this wild and colorful dessert is a puffed up version of the Filipino Hello Hello, a huge bowl of shaved ice topped with a plethora of goodies. Flavored jellies, sweet corn, condensed milk, and red and black beans give you something different with every bite, and a scoop of ice cream adds rich dimension. Big bonus: an ice cream kacang is large enough to feed four. ($5.50) 5115 Spring Mountain Road #217, 702-898-3388.

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    Special Bambu at Bambu Desserts & Drinks

    Want a dessert so fresh and fruity that it doesn’t look like a dessert? The Bambu Special appears in your mouth, cleanses your palate and gives you a burst of energy. A frozen base is sweetened with coconut juice and contains delicious bits like thinly sliced ​​tender coconut, crunchy basil seeds and pandan jelly. My favorite element is the longan, a sweet and punchy tropical fruit. ($4.50) 4810 Spring Mountain Road, 702-629-7726.

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    Fresh Mango Sensation at Ice Monster Cafe

    This quaint new spot already has a nice clientele, and with desserts like this, it’s no surprise. This Sensation overloads you with all kinds of mango delights – the mango snowflake (a light and airy shaved ice) is topped with a deliciously creamy mango ice cream and delicious chunks of fresh mango. Have a small one in a martini glass or share a large one, which also comes with panna cotta. ($5.95 – $9.95) 7729 S.Rainbow Blvd. #9B, 702-202-4300.