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Restaurants are adapting to consumers’ active lifestyles by putting their own twist on portable summer frozen treats.

Friendly launched a new line of to-go ice cream bars, cones and sandwiches available at its restaurants in the Northeast, Southeast and parts of Mid-Atlantic, as well as in supermarkets across the Northeast is.

Friendly’s introduced a line of novelties, including a chocolate covered dark raspberry ice cream bar.

Flavors range from the expected – chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream, sold in bars and on a stick, and the Vanilla Friendqui, vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate wafers – to the whimsical, like the bars of black raspberry ice cream coated in chocolate on a stick, and the Strawberry Cake Krunch Bar, vanilla ice cream and strawberry coated with crunchy vanilla cake on a stick.

The 350-plus-unit family restaurant chain also introduced a 100-calorie Fudgealicious bar, which is premium fudge on a stick.

Rita’s Italian ice cream CEO Jonathan Fornaci said low-calorie desserts are growing in popularity. The chain’s fifth most popular flavor is Sugar Free Mango Peach. Other top sellers are Mango, Starburst Strawberry, Sour Patch and Cherry.

Fornaci said he’s been testing cookie shells — Oreos, macaroons, chocolate chips and shortbread — in California, so kids can make their own ice cream sandwiches.

Jami Curl, owner of holy cupcake, an independent restaurant in Portland, Oregon, is launching a line of ice cream sandwiches and bars for the summer. They include a Peanut Butter Cakewich – peanut butter ice cream sandwiched between slices of the restaurant’s popular chocolate cake and rolled in a savory peanut praline – and a HoneyBerry Vanilla Bean Cookiewich, for which local strawberries and honey are spun with vanilla ice cream and sandwiched between honey graham crackers.

François Payard, whose five payard New York patisseries, known for their French macaroons, are breaking tradition this summer and turning them into mini ice cream sandwiches in flavors like strawberry cheesecake and strawberry pistachio sorbet.

To Pastaria in St. Louis, pastry chef Anne Croy taps into other trends for her ice cream sandwiches, like salted caramel, one of her two most popular flavors.

“It’s kind of become a classic at this point. It’s awesome,” said chef-owner Gerard Craft.

While flavors change daily, other favorites include Askinosie Chocolate, made with chocolate from a Missouri producer of the same name, and Toasted Coconut, for which Croy adds toasted coconut to the milk and bakes it slowly in the oven at about 250° Fahrenheit for about eight hours. hours.

She also serves a s’mores ice cream sandwich of marshmallow ice cream sandwiched between chocolate covered graham crackers.

“My favorite is the Garden Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream on a Chocolate Chip Cookie,” Craft said. “It’s especially good right now for the summer.”

To The Optimist in Atlanta, Taria Camerino, creative director of the seaside fish camp-themed restaurant’s baking program, created her own take on the classic drumstick.

She fills a homemade waffle cone with dark chocolate fudge and vanilla ice cream, freezes it securely, dips it in creamy chocolate icing, and rolls it in fried salted peanuts. She calls it the Super Duper, which is also the name of a fishing lure, “so it fits in perfectly,” she said.

The Lodge of the Grands Cascades at Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg, NJ, recently launched a new frozen dessert program with hand-held selections, including mini buns filled with blackberry sorbet, green apple sorbet and chocolate ice cream, as well than a pizzelle sandwich, made with a pizzelle wafer biscuits and pistachio ice cream. The sandwich is served with crushed pistachios, berries and edible flowers.

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