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Pinkberry worldwide expansion

By the end of 2011, the frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry is planning to open in 17 different international markets, according to Nation’s Restaurant News.

The chain currently has 122 outposts in eight countries, and hopes to gain 30 more international locations (this in addition to more U.S. outposts). Part of the success of Pinkberry’s growth is attributed to Starbucks, as many of its international franchisees also operate Starbucks locations. Moreover, Starbucks’ president and CEO Howard Schultz sits on Pinkberry’s board.

“Consumer brands have to look at the landscape through a global lens, as opposed to the domestic lens that Starbucks started from 40 years ago,” Schultz told Business Week. Although Pinkberry has plenty of competition in the U.S. market–Cold Stone Creamery is adding froyo to its line this spring and Red Mango has plans to nearly double its domestic stores–there is less competition in the worldwide arena, explains Business Week. In fact, Pinkberry’s highest-volume store is in Kuwait.

Source : SlashFood

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